Choreographed by Makeda Wallace and Wisty Andres!

Electrostar and Doñagdeo, two fine art superheroes, meet outside of space-time to reflect on the triumphs of Marie Curie and Mae Jemison.

It’s July 4th 1956. Donagdeo arrives energized and radioactive from lodestar residency with Marie Curie. She and Electrostar meet in a pocket dimension outside of universal space-time. She is meeting with her disciple, Electrostar, to share her insights and help her prepare. Now it’s Electrostar’s turn to start her lodestar residency, where she will shadow Mae Jemison, a dancer, doctor, entrepreneur and astronaut, and first African-American woman in space. In this conference room of infinite dimensions, the Fine Art Superheroes speak through dance and movement. Doñagdeo counsels Electrostar, divulging her experiences Marie Curie, who she guided through discoveries in atomic radiation and new elements. She also unwraps Jemison's life chart, and together they glimpse the milestones Jemison and Electrostar will conquer together.

This dance theater performance will be a metaphysical drama where Makeda Wallace and Wisty Andres play ephemeral, self-aware intelligences (electrostar and doñagdeo), who ceremonialize critical moments in the lives of two women of science (Curie and Jemison).

This performance will explore the relentless pursuit of knowledge and how women overcome barriers. Dance theater allows us to explore historical topics through movement, time, music, and the human body. Electrostar and Doangdeo are wearable-art based character artworks created by Basil El Halwagy as part of a pantheon of thematic embodyments called Fine Art Superheroes.