Remon represents 'Protest'. This superhero suit explores the incredible beauty and power of protesting for positive change. The black and white color scheme references the clarity of protesters on issues of justice. The suit features Arabic calligraphy as it's motif. Throughout the suit are letters, but no words. In this way this represents the sounds and noise of a protest with large groups of people. There's only one word on suit. the word "no" in Arabic, crosses the chest and back of the suit, and rises above other truncated letters. Protest also has a transcendental side. The helmet design uses the arabic word 'Hu', one of the 99 names of Allah in Sufi spiritual practice.

The images below are from a Fine Art Superhero performance at Northeastern Crossing in September of 2017, commissioned by Northeastern Crossing, a community engagement office of Northeastern University. Here Remon is performed by Ronnie Thomas.

The images below are from the same performance of as above, showing Remon's interaction with the other Fine Art Superheroes, Doñagdeo and The Untitled Man.