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The article is about ACCESS, the online show curated by Amanda Contrada, Hosted by the Boston Center for the Arts.

The Joy Parade - Nick Cave and Now+There. Sept 2019

Performed on September 19th 2019. Haissan Booth as Piridalil the avatar of bravery, Makeda Wallace as Ezrule the avatar of love and black femininity, and Jen Earls as Doñagdeo of transformation. Fine Art Superheroes were invited to join the Joy Parade, a project by Now+There and Nick Cave which brought Cave's inflatable sculpture from the BCA in South Boston to Uphams Corner in Dorchester

Art Beat in Davis Square: Consumed. July 2019

Three Fine Art Superheroes at The ArtBeat Festival in Davis Square - Consumed! Costumes by Basil El Halwagy and Performances by Erin Chisea, Frederick Moss, and Fridien Nana. Performed in July of 2019, This performance shows what happens in Davis Square when Elm Street is closed down and the people come out to enjoy art, live music, local craft, and amazing food.

Art Beat in Davis Square: Consumed. July 2019

Fine Art Superheroes performed at stART on the Street in Worcester, one of Massachusett's largest Street Festivals. Performed on September 20th 2019. Haissan Booth as Piridalil the avatar of bravery, Marissa Molinar as Doñagdeo of transformation.

Ignite Festival August 2017

Wisty Andres and Haissan Booth perform as Donagdeo and The Untitled Man at the Ignite Festival in Somerville MA, during the month of August 2017. Booth and Andres perform intuitive, site responsive movement, while interacting with people attending the festival. Music added to video: Pandora, by Synapsis, on

Outside the Box Festival. July 2015

In 2015 four Fine Art Superheroes arrived at the Outside The Box Festival at the Boston Common. Taking place during the summer, four performers became the characters Doñagdeo, The Untitled Man, Electrostar, and Remon. They performed intuitive, site-responsive movement, and interacted live with the the public. Performers: Jane Wu, Praduman Nayak, Shawn Paulling, and Marissa Molinar

Doñagdeo: Mapping the Unseen. October 2014

Dance and visual art combine to examine how humans uncover mysteries beyond the visible. El Halwagy designed this performance that features Wendy Jehlen as Donagdeo, the avatar for transformation and growth. This performance draws inspiration from the triumphs of two powerful women: The Sufi Mystic Rabia Al Adawiya from 7th century Iraq, and the first female scientist in western history, Caroline Herschel. As Doñagdeo, Wendy Jehlen uses dance and movement to leap between the scientist and mystic, engaging anecdotes from their timelines for actions on "Mapping the Unseen". Performance at Medicine Wheel Productions' Spoke Gallery, with wall artwork by Michael Dowling and Medicine Wheel Productions. Music: The Wish by Zakir Hussein and John McLaughlin

interplay! II At the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. June 2014

Basil El Halwagy's Fine Art Superheroes performed at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in June 2014, at the 10th anniversary celebration of the BCEC's construction. This performance was commissioned by the BCEC and co-choreographed by all four perforrmers; Glenna Clifton as Remon, Wendy Jehlen as Doñagdeo, Shawn Paulling as Electrostar, and Pradhuman Nayak as The Untitled Man.

Music added to this video is Seeing The Future by Dexter Brian. If you like it, visit him at

Expressing Boston. October 2013

Performance and dance students from Boston Latin Academy joined four gifted choreographers in Interplay!, a performance that explored competing human desires for growth, creativity, harmony and protest. Interplay!, staged at the Roxbury Crossing MBTA station on Oct. 5, featured visual artist Basil El Halwagy's fine art superheroes--characters that come to life through wearable art. Choreographers: Wendy Jehlen, Genna Clifton, Pradhuman Nayak, and Shawn Paulling.

The Untitled Man and Electrostar at ArtBeat April 2013

Fine Art Superheroes Electrostar and The Untitled Man, at ArtBeat Somerville 2013. Shawn Paulling and Pradhuman Nayak perform intuitive, site responsive movement and interact with the crowds. All costumed characters were created by Basil El Halwagy, see more at Music later added to the online video comes is Space Love Attack by Ultra Cat, found on

Electrostar; Experimentalism in Mystic Reality. December 2012, at the Boston Center for the Arts

Experimentalism in Mystic Reality uses dance and visual art to explore how humans probe the impenetrable and diagram the unseen. This performance draws inspiration from experimental scientists such as Ernest Rutherford and Marie Curie, and Middle Eastern mystics like Jallal al Din Rumi and Ibn Al Arabi, Sufi masters of the 12th century. Early 20th century scientists designed experiments to penetrate atoms which will never be "seen", and allowing them to diagram its contents. Sufi Mystics probed the unseen as well, and they illuminate their knowledge through Sufi poetry and prose. Created by Basil El Halwagy and Wendy Jehlen. Visual Art and Wearable Art by Basil El Halwagy. Choreography and Performance by Wendy Jehlen.

Electrostar Performs at Figment Boston in June 2012

Shawn Pauling peforms as Electrostar at Figment Boston in June 2012. Pauling here performs intuitive site responsive movement while interacting with the crowds who attended the figment festival. Figment is an Annual Festival taking place in cities all over the world where artist's donate their talent and time to make this festival happen.