About My Work

I started the Fine Art Superheroes project in 2010 because I wanted to make the characters from my drawings come to life. Once the costume characters are created, I enjoy extending these projects into photographs and unique performances, where I play the role of director, installation artist, writer, photographer, as well as prop-maker, seamstress, and make up artist all at the same time.

I'm interested in growing the visibility and awareness of my character/artworks through live performances, exhibitions, and through social media. I'd like to explore the roles individual artists can play in shaping the cultural narratives of our time.

We live in an age where epic characters have become more ubiquitous. Large entertainment companies are at the helm of shaping narratives that will come to define our society and how it is remembered. Epic stories, be they Ancient Greek Myths or Golden Age Comics, become historical documents which encode so much about how people lived and their values.

I'd like to see a new generation of artists invent their own characters and their own stories, marking the diverse values and stories of our time in a way that I don't think Big Entertainment would be willing to take on.